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A charity collectable trail for any holiday!

If you’re looking for an extra festive activity to get your donors involved with your charity, why not consider a digital collectable trail? In addition to your collection buckets, get-togethers and fun runs, a collectable trail offers a year-round addition to your fundraising toolkit. Whether it’s Easter, Christmas, Halloween, or a regional celebration specific to your hometown, a Good Thyngs collectable trail gives you even more ways to engage your audience.

How it works

You can provide you own imagery meaningful to your charity, or have simpler assets branded to your charity’s colours. Take a look at what St Peter’s Hospice created with their pirate themed trail, or Rennie Grove’s Easter eggs.

On the Good Thyngs platform, there is a pre-existing collectables template ready for you to customise. QR codes are generated for every stop you want to include in your trail, and when somebody scans them all, the trail is complete!

Collectable trails just need a set of QR codes to work. Give supporters the resources they need, such as posters, and ta-da: you’ve expanded your reach and increased engagement potential.

Planning your objective

What is it you’d like to get your audience interacting with? Are you aiming for more donations, or to educate people about your charity? Do you want them to share the experience on social media and promote you? The goal of your campaign will dictate its execution.

Our advice

A collectable trail is easy as pie to set up, but keep in mind that you’ll want to plan it in advance. We suggest a 3-week head start before you want to go live with a holiday themed trail.

Week 1: planning the specifics. These include logistics such as the number of collectables in your trail, the wording that players will encounter, and your overall goals for the trail.

Week 2: Setting up. Now is the time to upload your imagery and go wild with your designs!

Week 3: Testing and troubleshooting. With a few team members, make sure that the QR codes link to the correct pages, and work as intended on different phone types.

Setting it up

Once you’ve got your images, text and links planned out, it’s a piece of cake to upload and arrange all the pieces! And if you get stuck, we're there every step of the way.

Speaking Good Thyngs

It was an absolute pleasure putting this game together, and the support from Good Thyngs has been incredible. We soon found out just how simple it was to create a QR code game using the platform! The final experiences include selfies, jokes, scratch-off cards, and fun videos. We think that the game is amazing, engaging, and great fun.

Dora Woolway, Fundraising Manager at MAMA Academy. MAMA Academy used Good Thyngs for an Easter themed collectable trail.

Feeling inspired?

Our CorePlus plan lets you access the collectables template and all the possibilities that come with it. Get in touch to book a demo.