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Tree-mendous cashless Christmas fundraising

Now that Halloween is over, Christmas advertising is in full swing and decorations are on sale in abundance. It’s the perfect time to make the most of the build-up to the holidays.

Digital fundraising allows you to reach supporters wherever they are this Christmas. Here are some creative fundraising ideas that you can do virtually, online, hybrid or in-person.

Christmas collectable trails

Get the family out and about over the holiday with a festive collectable trail. Create a digital scavenger hunt with options to educate, take selfies and collect donor support along the way. Each QR code scanned equals an extra stamp collected.

RAF Museum trail

Innovative Christmas cards

Create bespoke Christmas cards featuring a QR code and hidden NFC stickers to say thank you to your donors and partners. Recipients can tap on the card for an exclusive video showing appreciation and encouraging future support.

Branded merchandise

A great way for charities to add life-long value and raise monies is to fundraise by selling promotional merchandise. Simply label branded merchandise with a QR code, allowing anyone to support you whenever and from wherever they like.

Selfie filters

Encourage people to strike a pose and take a Christmas selfie (or Elfie) using your very own branded template to raise money and brand awareness for your charity. Give supporters the opportunity to share charitable achievements whilst completing a trail, at a coffee morning, or on a run!

Virtual gifts

Save donors hours of online scrolling for Christmas gifts by setting up your very own range of virtual gifts. Not only will these gifts provide someone in need with vital support, but they will give both the recipient and the donor a true sense of feeling good, at what is considered the most wonderful time of the year.

Interactive flyers in gifts

Include an interactive flyer with all gifts this Christmas to raise additional funds. The flyer allows gift receipts to donate money by simply tapping or scanning the QR code with their smartphone, whenever they feel the festive spirit.

Festive livestreams

Give your supporters a way to take part in your holiday cheer right alongside you – even if it’s virtual. Include a QR code on screen while streaming video content so that viewers can interact with you from start to finish. They could donate, enter a raffle or collect hidden presents for a prize draw.

Zoom backgrounds

Turn meetings into charity fundraising ‘events’ using virtual QR code backgrounds. This innovative idea allows charities to share more information and collect charity donations, directly and in the moment.

Christmas quiz

Pub quizzes are an excellent way of bringing together the community and digital tools will allow hosts to raise more, view a donation totaliser in real-time, and share your mission. Supporters can donate any time they like and even snap branded selfies.

Festive online adoptions

Connect donors to causes in a more personal way during the season of giving. Give supporters online the opportunity to sponsor animals in need, historical artefacts, and even gift virtual adoptions. Create personalised certificates, updates, and messages.

Christmas appeal videos

Share your Christmas appeal videos everywhere, including your digital experience homepage. Let your supporters watch the video in your banner as they choose what to do next, like making a donation or discovering your fundraising events. It’s a great way for supporters to get to know you.

Social media competitions

Grab your audience’s attention with online contests that people will talk about for weeks. Whether it’s voting for the ugliest jumper, a raffle, or a baking competition, there are ideas aplenty for those with a competitive streak who also want to do good. The platform will enable easy signups, and quick donations and give you the data you need to choose a winner in real-time.

Get in touch to reach more supporters this Christmas

By thinking outside of the box, charities are preparing for a secure, exciting and effective Christmas. Get in touch so that we can discuss your ideas and bring them to life.