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4 benefits of adding cashless donation options to your Macmillan Coffee Morning

This year at Macmillan Cancer Support’s Coffee Morning, you can make donating at your event easier than ever.

Don’t worry, digital fundraising isn’t aiming to replace cash - it’s simply adding additional options! Here are 5 simple reasons to expand your fundraising toolkit.

1. Customised fundraising pages

Encourage donations by adding your personality to Coffee Morning. Whether or not you’re home-baking your own tasty treats, you can sweeten the fundraising experience with anecdotes, jokes, custom photos and even fundraising goals. The pages also allows for public messages when someone leaves a donation.

2. Shareable links

These allow people to donate to your event from wherever, whenever. Boost your unique coffee morning URL (given to you when you sign up) on your social media or send to friends.

3. Live totalisers

No need to do the math! All digital donations are instantly tallied and available to see. If someone has pocket change that they want to contribute the traditional way, fantastic! But if they want to give and they don’t have cash, they can just scan the QR code and follow the steps on your Coffee Morning page, hassle-free.

4. Friendly competition

Fancy a little bet between co-workers or family members about who can raise more for Macmillan Cancer Support? Your fundraising pages will display the total raised, which you can share around, and which donors will be able to see when they contribute.

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