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Good Thyngs joins the Scotty Ball

Scotty’s Little Soldiers turned to Good Thyngs for an additional way to raise donations during their annual Scotty Ball fundraiser. 

The charity engages dinner guests in new and exciting ways using QR codes and fundraising competitions

After a year’s hiatus, Scotty’s Little Soldiers held its annual Scotty’s Ball in person.

Scotty’s Little Soldiers is a charity that supports hundreds of children and young people who have experienced the death of a parent who served with the British Forces. This year, Scotty’s turned to Good Thyngs for an additional way to raise donations.

The fundraising event

At the Chesford Grange Hotel in Warwick over 260 attendees dressed up to enjoy live entertainment, a 3-course meal, games and military community spirit. Many of the guests were veterans, currently serving or have a connection to the British Forces. They are an incredibly passionate group of people who are all committed to ensuring the children of our British Forces heroes have access to the very best support and are able to maintain their connection to the military community.

Good Thyngs provided the digital infrastructure for the raffle, and bottle sales, and helped to enable transactions for games like Pass the Parcel, Glitter Bar, and Buy Your Hero a Pint.

Donations with Gift Aid went straight to the charity and results were visible on the analytics dashboard in real-time. This meant that organisers could see the impact throughout the night and thank supporters directly.

Notable successes processed by Good Thyngs included the raffle and ‘Pass the Parcel’, which raised over £1000 each.

Good Thyngs make a difference

  • An additional £3,355 raised to support bereaved military children
  • Newfound confidence in digital fundraising from guests
  • £1700 raised through the Scotty’s Ball raffle
  • £1132 raised through Pass the Parcel

Scotty's Little Soldiers are speaking Good Thyngs

"In keeping with our digital approach to income generation, we wanted to test if we could run a fully digital event in terms of monetary transactions. We knew the Good Thyngs platform had the capability to enable us to do that so decided to jump right in!"

Sophie Berry, Supporter Team: Overwatch & Digital Donations

If you're interested in learning more about the event, read our Q&A with Scotty's.

Scotty's Ball use Good Thyngs to engage supporters
Photo credit: Paul Tibbs Photography

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