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Beatson Rewards brings communities together

Beatson Rewards is an incentive that harnesses relationships between the Beatson Cancer Charity’s supporters, partners and sponsors all year round. 

Beatson Rewards is an incentive that harnesses relationships between the Beatson Cancer Charity’s supporters, partners and sponsors all year round.

For an annual membership fee, holders of a Beatson Rewards card get access to discounts across Hotels & Travel, Health, Beauty & Wellbeing, Events & Experiences, Bars & Restaurants and Shop Local businesses.

How it works for supporters

Supporters sign up to the annual rewards scheme by filling out a short online form and making a payment using Apple Pay, PayPal or Card. The regular annual membership fee is £20 or a gift set for £25.

After payment, an optional ‘How did you hear about Beatson Rewards?’ form provides a great research tool for Beatson.

For all members, a Beatson Rewards Card is sent through the post and a Discount Brochure is emailed with full instructions on how to redeem all offers and discounts.

How it works for Beatson

On the platform Beatson can access data at any time. For example, they can:

  • Understand which partners and sponsors are working well
  • See what offers and discounts are redeemed
  • See which promotional campaigns work the best (like the Christmas campaign)
  • View payments and Gift Aid attachment in detail (payments go straight to Beatson)
  • Add landing pages for new partners coming onboard
  • Collect additional marketing information using simple forms

How it works for partners and sponsors

Landing pages have been set up for each business so that supporters can explore the offerings and filter shops according to their category and location.

The individual profiles allow businesses to include additional incentives that help with the promotion. For example, Strachan Craft Butchers were able to offer their Christmas hampers with a Beatson discount.

The impact

  • Over 60 businesses onboarded the project so far
  • Thousands of engagements and ongoing donations, making the incentive a valuable new revenue stream and basis for strengthening relationships
  • Easy and sustainable management of ongoing rewards using the platform, with pages that can be updated in real-time
  • Has the ability to evolve as the project grows each year
  • Supporters, Beatson Cancer Charity, and business partners all benefit from one another creating a tight-knit community of feel-good rewards
  • Drove 2,065 visitors to the Beatson Rewards website page from October 2021 - March 2022

Speaking Good Thyngs

"We knew that the platform was easily adaptable to our needs. Communication was crucial when coming up with an incentive that responded to the needs of our supporters, partners and sponsors. Building this incentive was made as efficient as possible with the support of the Good Thyngs team."

Ginette Hamilton,Trading Development Fundraiser at Beatson Cancer Charity.

Advice from Beatson Cancer Charity

"Cashless fundraising has been an essential addition to us, especially during the pandemic. Adapting with the times allows us to reach a wider audience and ensures that we are able to continue to provide easier ways for supporters to donate to us. It is definitely the way forward and we can’t see any downside to making the move to cashless! If you are thinking of making the move, I would encourage you to do so!"

Rachael Griffin, Digital Marketing Officer.

Beatson Rewards Campaign Analysis

Read more about the incentive in detail, here.

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