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Hospice charity takes fundraising to the next level with a virtual Easter trail

How Rennie Grove Hospice Care adapted fundraising with a virtual easter egg hunt to engage children and families at home.

A virtual fundraising trail that engaged children and families at home

Just when you thought hunting for chocolate easter eggs couldn’t get much better, Rennie Grove Hospice Care entertained supporters at home with a virtual fundraising trail that included fun riddles to crack.

By customising the Good Thyngs “collectable” template and creating 6 QR codes, the hospice charity organised a virtual Easter Egg hunt for families and children to take part in from anywhere.

The outstanding results

  • Over 130 groups took part in the trail
  • 79% found all 6 eggs
  • 30% of families went on to donate a second time
  • 66% made their donation go further with Gift Aid

Speaking good thyngs

"We wanted to raise people's spirits and ensure children still had fun this Easter. Once we learned how to create the collectable trail and use the QR codes it was so easy. We are really excited to grow on this concept and have plans for other trails throughout the year."

Gemma Ralph, Senior Community Fundraiser at Rennie Grove Hospice

A charity Easter trail with a twist “egg-cites” families

Rennie Grove Hospice Care used the fundraising platform to create a virtual Easter Egg Hunt.

The hospice charity provided donors with a pack of easter egg posters with QR codes so that virtual hunts could be set up at home.Each egg had a unique QR code to scan so that a digital stamp could be collected on their smartphone.

An Easter Egg popped-up on the phone and presented the user with a riddle to where the next one was hidden.

At the end of the trail, a virtual certificate thanked participants for completing the trail and gave the option to make another quick donation.

Gemma's advice for new fundraisers

"We would definitely recommend doing this to anyone who wants to set it up!"

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