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DKMS First Virtual Fundraising Gala in 2020

DKMS created a personalised, engaging and unique mobile experience for donors using Good Thyngs.

DKMS let nothing stop their Annual Fundraising Gala 2020

DKMS UK approached Good Thyngs in 2019 for their Annual Fundraising Gala and raised an additional £37,000 in cashless donations during the pilot.

This year, the UK and US DKMS charities joined forces for their first ever Virtual Fundraising Gala using Good Thyngs. The platform processed all event tickets and donations on the night.

Speaking good thyngs

"The Good Thyngs service is exceptional. The regular methods we employed were suddenly obsolete, after being used for years. Good Thyngs gave us a pathway to fundraise that was bespoke, easy and in line with the virtual alternative that we had to quickly adopt. We wouldn’t do virtual fundraising with anyone else."

Heather Lynn, Director of Global Special Events

The Challenge

The 2020 pandemic has meant that charities have had to either adapt their upcoming fundraising events, or they’ve had to postpone them. The Annual Gala is one of DKMS’ biggest events of the year that brings together over 500 key supporters who help raise awareness and crucial funds. The challenge was to deliver a successful virtual fundraising event for the first time using a live stream.

The Cashless Solution

As an existing customer, DKMS were prepared to process cashless and digital donations using the platform.

Leading up to the event, DKMS built an experience on the Good Thyngs Platform using existing templates. There was an option to purchase event tickets or make a donation now. The link to the experience was sent to their contacts by email.

On the night, the landing page presented a choice between a UK (GBP) or a US (USD) user journey so that Gift Aid could be added for UK supporters.

By creating a new project and QR code, the charity was able to track the results of the virtual gala in real-time.

To ensure that the virtual event still felt special to supporters, Good Thyngs helped DKMS make the donation experience bespoke and inline with the aesthetic of the evening. The landing page presented customised template experiences using Good Thyngs.

  • Payments for purchasing Gala sponsorship levels
  • Instant donation experience for support across the night
  • The option to request a donation invoice

During the event, a special QR code was presented in the corner of the screen during live stream so that donors could scan the screen, or click the provided link, as they watched from home.

The QR code was explained by star speakers across the night so that donors were both reminded and educated on how they can support DKMS during the gala.

The Outstanding Results

  • Total raised $118,102
  • $823.91 average donation
  • 3,100% ROI
  • 38% QR Conversion

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