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Setting up your own coffee morning – here’s everything you need to know

Macmillan Cancer Support’s Coffee Morning is approaching on Friday 30th September, and now is the time to get prepared for all of us to do our bit for people living with Cancer. Whether it’s bake sales, video hangouts, or office collections, there’s a way for everyone to set up their own event - with the proceeds going straight to Macmillan!

Step 1: The sign-up.

Have you received your Coffee Morning Sign Up reminder in the post? If you have scan the QR code and use the online registration form. If not, simply head here.

2: The makeover

The Good Thyngs digital platform has made it possible for Macmillan to give every host their own unique fundraising page. Customise the date, time, invitation wording and photo to make it relevant and personalised to your intended audience. The donation feed on the page invites people to leave a message when they have donated to your event. Most importantly, a live totaliser will show everyone how much you’ve raised together for Macmillan!

3: Get sticking

Prior to the start of Coffee Morning you’ll receive your physical fundraising pack by post, including everything you need to put together a smashing setup. Show your creative side with Macmillan balloons, table décor, and importantly: your unique QR code stickers. The QR codes in your fundraising pack are connected directly to YOUR fundraising page and yours only, how cool is that? That way, all the donations made to stickers from your pack will be visible on your page and instantly calculated.

Don’t forget to stick a QR code on the collection box and poster!

Now go host your coffee morning wherever and whenever suits you best.

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