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How charities can get the most from their data

Data is like gold dust for charities. We all want it, we all need it, but do we know how to get it, and how to use it?

Data is crucial when it comes to measuring the success of a campaign or event in order to understand your donors, supporters, and fundraisers. It’s used to determine the communications you send and also shape your future projects.

Put simply, it allows you to learn what works best, and then implement any changes.

The Good Thyngs platform provides you with a look at the interactions and conversions on QR codes and NFC chips - interactions meaning how many times they have been tapped/scanned, and conversions meaning how many times a user followed the call to action (making a donation, finding a collectable item on a trail, clicking through on a re-direct, etc).

This means you can see where the QR codes work best, which ones are the most popular, and make any tweaks to the experiences to see if that improves their usage. A simple change to text, or images can sometimes make all the difference and those changes are easy to make and updated in real time.

You might see that people are consistently donating more than the lowest suggested amount, so you could remove that entirely or change to a higher amount.

You may find with your corporate supporters that a QR code on an office flyer is being scanned and used more than one at a busy coffee machine, and you can make placements suggestions across your corporate supporter base.

Remember it’s not all about the ask.

In places with a higher dwell time you may have the opportunity to offer advice, signpost, or tell your story, all possible with the platform!

You might find that a collectable trail in one place is more popular than in another, so you may need to consider a different marketing approach for certain projects or areas.

Much like any new event, you can build on these over time using the insights and learning available to you.

If you upgrade to or add on our Engage package, you can then catapult your data into the dizzy heights of forms and opt ins. Use ‘forms’ to get whatever data you want from your supporters!

You’ll already be able to see which QR code they donated to or came from, so you’ll have an idea on where they are based and what they may be interested in. With the additional element of forms, you can ask them questions about their link to your charity, how they found out about you, if they’d like to sign up to newsletters or volunteering opportunities…anything! Gain feedback on their experiences with your charity and find out what they’d be interested in going forward.

The ability to know your supporters that little bit more makes that first contact with them so much more meaningful and personal. In turn, this makes them feel more valued. Priceless! It also helps you build supporter knowledge in an easy way with minimal work from your side, you can segment and categorise from that first contact as you’ll have the data already.

And again, you can amend the questions at any time - are they too wordy, are they not getting the right data? Easy, and we are on hand to help if you need it too.

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