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5 ways to engage supporters more effectively with QR codes

QR codes are a great way to engage supporters, but for people less familiar with the technology, you must first get them past the “how do I use this?” stage. Here are five ways to engage supporters more effectively and ensure they scan your codes and connect with your charity.

It starts with you

Make sure that key people within your charity have used the technology. Grab your phones and interact with your QR code. Note how it feels and the steps you move through, so you feel confident explaining it to others.

Take your volunteers through the same process so they can also explain the process and engage supporters. You could use role play to practice showing others how to scan a QR code so your volunteers can better explain the technology.

Inform and educate supporters

Inform and educate supporters through newsletters and direct mail before introducing QR codes. Use stories to demonstrate how the technology can benefit your charity and the recipients of your service.

Communicate with supporters via regular and in-person communications to provide reassurance and guidance. Although QR codes are more recognised, trusted and widely used, some people who are less familiar with using them may be cautious of the technology and need more help than others.

Set expectations through design

A lonely QR code serves little purpose and will receive less engagement than one that integrates into your design with a clear call to action.

Like all effective marketing, the call-to-action alongside your QR code should set expectations for the next step. Your volunteers won’t always be there to speak with supporters, so ensure your design is engaging, relevant and clearly describes the next step on the journey.

Choose high footfall areas

Choose locations with plenty of passing footfall. Think about where they could work for you in both places, with and without personal interaction.

Locations to consider include:

  • Charity shop till point
  • A traditional collection bucket or cash tin
  • A poster in a shop you have worked with before
  • At the coffee machine of a corporate supporter
  • The back of a toilet door

Consider the context

A QR code on the side of a moving bus or hidden at the bottom of a poster provides an opportunity for supporters to scan - though it could be more effective. Think about the context and see it from your customer’s point of view.

If a queue extends in front of your marketing collateral or people crowd close to your collection point, your QR code could become hidden from view. Placing a QR code on a moving object like a car or bike is a great way to reach more supporters but make sure it stops long enough for them to scan your code.

You don’t have to create an 18-metre high QR code like Macmillan or fly drones in a QR formation like Shanghai’s video-sharing company Bilibili. With a bit of prep and putting yourself into your customer’s shoes, you can create engaging opportunities for supporters to connect with your charity.

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